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Since 2009

Our company Ahem Packaging was established in 2009 in Istanbul; It is one of the most rooted companies of the Packaging sector. We are operating in 1500 square meter closed area. Our founders Hamza EMEN and Mert Anibal EMEN have started to make plastic packaging sector, sales and marketing for all areas of packaging sector by combining it with a team specialized in high technology and manufacturing with its experience and knowledge gained for many years in packaging sector.

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Some of Our Feature

Our company is one of the leading plastic packaging companies in Turkey, provides sales and marketing services. We initially served only in Turkey, today our company exports to Netherlands, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, where we are proud to send Turkish products around the globe.

Our company started its business in the packaging industry in 1989 by making Paper Packaging. When it comes to plastic packaging sector, it ranks first among the companies that come to mind. Quality, fast, disciplined, hygienic work with the understanding of the end-consumer and gives confidence to the consumer.

The sectors we serve include Food, Health, Construction, Cleaning Products, Textile, etc. where we are engaged in the production and marketing of plastic packaging suitable for many sectors.


Flexible Packaging Solutions For Various Sectors

With its high quality, fast, disciplined and hygienic working approach, it prepares the expectation of its customers fort he best service and planning for the end customer.

Production and Technology

Fast and High Technology

Ahem Packaging works with the highest quality service understanding and modern perspective with its team specialized in high technology and manufacturing. Another important feature of our company is to provide support by designing and developing the packaging needed by the manufacturing companies.


Achieving the highest quality standards from concept to delivery is the main objectie of every Project we do. Our manufacturing and quality assurance department in our factory ensures that all our production is carried out and controlled in accordance with your specification. From supplier verification to raw material purchase to order processing and fulfillment, our documented production process provide complete assurance.

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