Retort Packaging

Retort packaging is flexible laminated food packaging that can withstand heat treatment. Shelf life of these bags is as long as metal cans and glass jars. Air and moisture permeability is close to zero thanks to the material properties used in production. It has four-layer lamination structure consisting of special films. However, if desired, 3-layer production can be obtained in a transparent image. These packages that are stocked for packaging need much smaller storage space than glass and tin cans.

Retort packaging is seen as the most important development in the packaging of foods since metal cans. This packaging has been developed to preserve a product for a long time, to keep it fresh, to preserve its aroma and texture. This product type transfer the heat to the critical point faster than glass and cans. Thus, the edges of the product are not overcooked during processing until the amount of heat required for complete sterilization reaches critical points. Food products that have lost quality during the processing cycle do not löse their quality when placed in this package and prevent heat-sensitive nutrients from losing their nutritional value. It can be used in areas such as ready meals, cooking sauces, beverages.

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